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Dental cleaning Markham – Teeth Cleaning

Dental cleaning Markham. Teeth Cleaning (also known as Dental Cleaning) is mostly done by your Registered Dental Hygienist.  Teeth Cleaning involves the removal of dental plaque/dental tartar from teeth.  By having routine teeth cleaning done by your dental hygienist helps to prevent cavities and gum diseases.

Dental cleaning Markham can also be referred to as prophylaxis.  This means preventive treatment of disease.  Teeth cleaning helps to reduce bacteria counts and remove bacterial toxins from periodontal pockets.  It is recommended for part of every patient’s oral health.

Dental cleaning Markham can be perceived as a horrifying experience for many people.  But the truth is, teeth cleaning is a  painless and simple process.  Understanding the process can help reduce the fear of your teeth cleaning appointment.  Before the actual teeth cleaning takes place, it always starts with a dental exam.  During this process, your dental hygienist will check if there are any signs of oral infections and other potential concerns.  Having a thorough exam will help your dental hygienist create a personalized treatment plan for you.  This may include oral infection testing using a painless microbiology procedure (OraVital).  If other major clinical findings were found during this time, x-ray radiographs may be needed and a dentist attention will be required.

Teeth cleaning

Dental cleaning Markham will begin after the examination step has completed.  Your dental hygienist will start with an ultrasonic instrument to remove plaque, stains, and hard tenacious tartar buildup, follow by hand scalar to ensure all fine deposits are removed from your teeth, in between your teeth, around and underneath the gum line.

dental cleaning markham

dental cleaning Markham

dental cleaning markham

dental hygienist markham

After your teeth are completely tartar free, the hygienist will then polish your teeth with a rotary brush and gritty toothpaste.  This step is to ensure all remaining soft deposit and stains are removed completely.  After this, you will rinse out all the gritty debris and your dental hygienist will finalize the teeth cleaning procedure with a fluoride treatment.

Final step of the teeth cleaning is applying the fluoride foam on your teeth.  This treatment is used as a protectant for your teeth against potential cavities and to reduce sensitivity for your teeth.  The fluoride foam usually stays in your mouth for one minute to maximize the effectiveness of the treatment.

Professional Dental cleaning Markham is normally recommended every 6 months.  For people who are suffering from gum diseases they may need further treatment as well as a more frequent cleaning.  As frequently as 3 months interval to control the growth of bacteria below the gum line (periodontal pockets).