Dental Examination & Digital X-Ray

Dental examination is a procedure where we look inside your mouth. We will look for abnormalities and conditions that will affect your oral health as well as your overall health. During the examination, we will look for:

  • missing teeth, decayed teeth (cavities), and damaged teeth.
  • abnormalities of your soft tissue (lesions and other suspicious growths)
  • conditions of your gums and signs of gum disease
  • position of your teeth
  • signs of grinding (bruxism) and clenching
  • signs of sleep apnea
  • health and function of your jaw bones (TMJ) – checking for signs of disorder

Digital X-ray radiographs:

Our office uses the latest digital x-ray technology to better detect, diagnose, treat and monitor oral conditions and diseases. This advance technology reduces a tremendous amount of radiation being exposed to a patient compared to conventional x-ray method. There are different types of dental radiographs to help us make the diagnoses more precisely. There are two main categories for dental xrays: (1) Intra-oral (inside the mouth) and (2) Extra-oral (outside the mouth).

Types of Dental Xrays:

  • Bitewings – Taken inside the mouth. This show details of upper and lower teeth in one area of the mouth. It is commonly used to detect cavities in between the teeth as well as changes of bone density caused by gum disease.
  • Periapical – Taken inside the mouth. This provides a view of the entire tooth, and commonly used to determine unusual change in the root and surrounding structures.
  • Panoramic (Panorex) – Taken outside the mouth. This provides a view of the entire mouth. It helps detecting the positioning of all teeth, can see impacted teeth, and help diagnosing tumors (oral cancer screening).