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Your dentist will usually be forthcoming about your oral health – as a dentist, you need to be a “people person.” All the same, it’s worth asking a few questions to ensure that you’ve got your oral health concerns covered. If you’re worried that your dentist hasn’t covered the answers you need for these questions, you should certainly ask them.

Is there anything I can do for better oral health?

From the way you brush your teeth to your dietary habits, there’s a lot that your dentist can see from looking at your teeth. Get expert advice on any lifestyle changes you should adopt in order to prolong the lifespan of your teeth and to keep your gums healthy.

Will you be able to help with my concerns about….?

Although your dentist at Markham Dental can learn a lot by examining your teeth and mouth, he or she does need to know about any specific concerns you may have. For example, if you have bad breath, is it the result of tooth decay, or does your dentist think you should see a doctor to look for its causes elsewhere?

Is there anything I should ask my doctor about?

Certain oral symptoms can be indicators of health problems arising elsewhere in the body. If your dentist spots them, he or she will advise you to see your family doctor. However, it doesn’t hurt to be sure, so feel free to ask this question after your consultation.

What steps are involved in my treatment plan?

Once again, this is something your dentist should discuss with you in detail. However, if you have any questions about the dental treatments that have been recommended for you, now is the time to ask them. This includes questions about scheduling and costs. Your dentist will schedule the most urgent interventions first. If you want to wait with others, how long can you afford to do so?

Can you make my teeth look better?

A dentist’s primary concern is to keep your mouth and teeth healthy. But you might have aesthetic concerns about the way your teeth look. If so, find out whether cosmetic dentistry techniques such as Invisalign can solve them. From uneven teeth to yellowing teeth, anything that makes you feel awkward about giving your best and brightest smile is worth discussing with your dentist.

What about my child’s teeth?

If you’re a parent, you’ll be taking your child to the dentist soon after the first teeth erupt. If you need tips on how to get your child to brush teeth, or have questions about the way teeth are developing, your dentist is the right person to ask.

Whatever your Oral Health and Aesthetics Questions May be: Ask Them

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Never feel intimidated or shy about asking questions of your dentist. There is no such thing as a silly question, so don’t walk away from your appointment with lurking questions at the back of your mind. Come right out and ask them. You can rely on your dentist to respond courteously, patiently and informatively. If you still don’t understand anything, ask again. Your oral health and peace of mind is your dental professional’s concern.

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