Invisalign® Clear Braces

Achieve a beautiful, healthy smile with Invisalign® – the clear and removable alternative to braces.

Straighten your teeth and smile confidently with Invisalign®!

Some of us are blessed with naturally straight teeth but a large number of us have to work for it. Traditionally, you would require braces and have to live with metal permanently in your mouth for upwards of a year. With Invisalign® you can straighten your teeth, love the way you look, and boost your confidence with an invisible aligner!

Key Benefits:

  • No more braces
  • No one knows you’re wearing them
  • Straighter teeth
  • Higher confidence
  • Comparable to the price of braces
  • Easy to clean


We do everything we can to make sure your visit is as comfortable as possible. We want you to love coming to the dentist!


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Additional Information

Choosing to straighten your teeth can be a big decision. Not only can it affect your appearance but also your lifestyle. Invisalign® is used commonly by both adults and teens as an alternative to traditional braces. Whether enhancing your smile is for personal, business, or social reasons, our team is here to help.

Come in for a consultation to see if Invisalign® is a good fit for you. We’ll go through how it works and answer any questions you may have.


Is Invisalign® removable?

Yes you can remove Invisalign® at any time.

Is Invisalign® more expensive than braces?

The cost of Invisalign® is comparable to traditional braces in most cases. Give us a call to learn more about pricing and payment options.

How long will Invisalign® take to work?

Most people see the desired results in 3-12 months.

Will my insurance cover the cost of Invisalign®?

If you have Orthodontic insurance coverage, Invisalign® is often covered. However, if it is not, we have payment plans to suit every budget!

More on Invisalign®

Invisalign are clear aligners used to substitute traditional metal braces.  As the name implies, Invisalign trays are nearly invisible, allowing you to go about with your daily activities with most people being unaware that you are undergoing orthodontic treatment.  The aligners are custom-made for you, ensuring a perfect, comfortable fit.

With this advanced technology, each aligner shifts your teeth slightly to achieve the smile of your dreams in the least amount of time compared to traditional braces.  As an Invisalign patient, you will generally have less office visits than those with traditional braces.  So, if you have a busy schedule but still want to improve your smile, Invisalign might be just the right thing for you!

With Invisalign weekly aligner, treatment time can be up to 50% faster in comparison to traditional braces.  You will be able to achieve the smile you have always wanted sooner!

At Markham Dental Hygiene & Wellness, we now offer FREE CONSULTATION and Payment Plans to our patients.  Don’t hesitate and call us today for your FREE CONSULTATION.  We are more than happy to answer any questions and concerns that you may have. We look forward to meeting you and help create the smile you’ve always wanted!

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