Oral Hygiene Tips For Travellers

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When you’re out and about jetting from one city or country to another, you might think the number one oral health tip would be “pack your toothbrush.” But there’s more to it than that as you will see. So, what are the pitfalls that lie in store AFTER you packed your toothbrush, and how can you avoid them?

Visit Your Dentist When Planning Your Trip

We are not exaggerating when we say that a dental emergency while travelling is going to throw a damper on your plans. When planning your tip, have a check-up and do it a few weeks before your departure so that your Markham dentist can attend to any urgent work before you go.

Tooth Cleaning Kit in Hand Luggage

If you’re an inexperienced traveller, you might be tempted to pack your toiletries, including your teeth cleaning kit in your hold luggage. Don’t. On long journeys, you will want your toiletry basics handy. When your friends or business associates meet you at the airport, you’ll be glad you braved the awful aircraft washroom to freshen your smile.

Be Sure of the Water

If you shouldn’t drink the water, you shouldn’t brush your teeth with it or rinse your toothbrush under the tap. When in doubt, use bottled water. You don’t want to brush your teeth only to infect yourself with a nasty tummy bug!

Dry it Out!

One of the nastiest little oral health risks that lies in store for the traveller are the germs that can breed on a damp toothbrush kept in an enclosed space with just about no air movement. Think “my toothbrush case” and you’ve identified ground zero.

If you’re staying in places long enough to put your toothbrush out to air dry, you’ll be fine, but if you’re brushing, packing and then moving on every day, consider using disposable toothbrushes.

A Sugar Secret

If you’re on holiday, you’ll be keen to celebrate and try the local cakes and desserts. After all, what’s a visit to Denmark without Ice Cream or a trip to Germany without Black Forest Cake? Here’s how to enjoy those treats in a (relatively) guilt-free way.

Save your sugar fest for dessert, give yourself half an hour and then brush your teeth. It’s not how much sugar you eat that’s the problem, it’s how long those residues stay there. If you nibble sweet treats all day, that’s going to harm your teeth, but you can still indulge yourself.

Sugar Free Gum in Your Wallet

Let’s face it, there are going to be times when you’re a bit naughty. And even a cup of coffee can stain your teeth. Sugar free gum helps to clean your teeth and restores the pH of your mouth after eating or drinking sugary or acidic things.

Bon Voyage!

Are you ready for adventure? Going to make a killing on that business deal? Then smile! We’re wishing you a safe trip, a happy return home, and nothing but good health and happiness during your journey.

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